New USPS® Postage Rates on Mailing and Shipping Services! Get a breakdown of the new rates and the major changes >

Are you READY for the new USPS® rates?
As of August 29, 2021 you save 9% on every First-Class™ letter and 5 cents on First Class Mail®!

Meters Make "Cents"

Gain access to exclusive discounts just by using a Postage Meter


The USPS® wants to reward businesses for using services that help them run more efficiently. One of the ways they do this is by offering postage meter users access to a variety of discounts, as well as other opportunities to save on mailing and shipping.

  • Automatic postage discounts on First-Class letters. Save money on every invoice, statement or letter you send, just by using a Quadient Postage Meter. The savings really add up!
  • Access to Commercial Base Pricing. Send Priority Mail® and Priority Express Mail® with Neoship and save on shipping costs.
  • Track postal expenses. No more lost or missing stamps.
  • Save on gas! No more driving back and forth to the Post Office.
  • Save time and aggravation. Did we mention no more trips to the Post Office?

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